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Beginning Teacher Support | BTSA Locker

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Module C Support Provider Instructions

Click ► Inquiry Instruction  for information on the Inquiry Process

updated 12/2/13



BTSA Enrollment Requirements

  1. Attend the New Teacher Orientation. The schedule will be sent to you before the school year begins.
  2. Complete and turn in the Proof of Advisement Form to the Educational Services Department.  
  3. You may purchase up to 16 Professional Development units for the two years of BTSA induction. 

Purchasing units of credit - Forms are available from Educational Services 

Send with check or credit card information to:

University of the Pacific (Jerry Kjeldgaard/Coordinator)


981 Sierra Madre Dr., Salinas, CA 93901

August and September

Module A: Context for Teaching and Learning

Guiding Question:  What do I know about my students and my teaching context? 

Forms/Assignments: A-1 through A-5 (A-3 and A-5 are for first year teachers only)

  1. PT and SP review A forms together
  2. Use Conversation Guides to discuss Standards, E-3.1, E-3.5, 3.6, 3.6a, 3.6b

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Norma Rodriguez:  or Tanya Salazar: (a/o 2013-14)

October and November

Module B: Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Guiding Question: How am I implementing instruction and addressing student need?

Forms/Assignments:  B-1 through B-4, The Continuum of Teaching Practice, and the Induction Standards Self-Assessment

  1. PT and SP discuss how the PTs Teacher Preparation program aligns with the BTSA Induction  
  2. Participating teachers print out and conduct a self-assessment by marking the  Continuum of Teaching Practice and Induction Standards (E-2 series) self-assessment. Note the date, strengths and challenges on the E forms, and list supporting evidence
  3. Discuss possible artifacts and evidence
  4. Set up the initial Classroom Observation (with pre and post conferences)

December and January

Module C: Inquiry into Teaching and Learning

Guiding Question: What teaching standards and strategies will I focus on for my Inquiry?

Forms/Assignments: C-1 through C-8

  1. Review A and B forms for completion (Are Collaboration Logs included for each month?)
  2. Discuss the self-assessment. Does the Support Provider's observation align with the Participating Teacher's self-assessment?
  3. Use the Continuum to guide the discussion and selection of an Inquiry for research and project development
  4. Considering the Induction Standards (Pedagogy and Equity), what would you like to focus on for your inquiry project?

February - March

Continue Module C: Inquiry into Teaching and Learning

Guiding Question: Which Induction Standard(s) will be included in your Inquiry?

Forms/Assignments: C-1 through C-8

  1. Refine your question and begin your inquiry. Make sure that your question on the IIP (C-1) follows the SMART goal format.
  2. Complete the Essential Components for Instruction (C-2), but only boxes 1-4. This is a process. Once you give your Entry-Level Assessment you can complete the rest of the C-2 and move on with your instruction.
  3. Support Providers will need to to a formal observation.  This includes a lesson plan, identified CCSS content standards, and focus student identification.
  4. Year 2 PTs should finish the process by the end of March, Year 1 PTs should finish by the end of April.

April - May

Module D: Reflection of Teaching and Learning

Guiding Question: What did I learn about myself as a teacher during my BTSA Induction?

Forms: D-1, Continuum of Teaching Practice, Induction Standards (E-2 Series)

  1. Mark the Continuum of Teaching Practice and the Induction Standards to reflect your growth this year as a teacher.
  2. Second Year Candidates:  Portfolio is due 4/18 - Prepare for Colloquium
  3. Take the on-line mid-year survey (Link on main page) by the given deadline.
  4. Review your portfolio with your Support Provider using the Portfolio Checklist 
  5. Make sure the Collaboration Logs are included for each month.