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Board Agreements

1. Board Members and the Superintendent recognize that a relationship which encompasses mutual trust, support, and cooperation is essential to the smooth and effective operation of the District. As Board Members and Superintendent, we will exhibit positive behaviors such as:

  • Strive to see the strengths and talents in each other;
  • Refrain from speaking negatively about each other;
  • Recognize and acknowledge the positive contributions of each other;
  • See positive strategies for problem solving;
  • Avoid personal criticism of staff; and
  • Practice open and honest communication with each other.

2. Board Members agree not to meet with governing bodies of employee groups without advance notice to the Superintendent.

3. Board Members agree that when speaking with members of any employee group to refrain, to the best of their abilities, from discussion which may be interpreted as bargaining.

4. Board Members agree to contact the Superintendent and each other about rumors circulating either in employee groups or in the Milpitas Unified School District community regarding incidents allegedly involving any Board Member(s) in a timely manner.

5. Board Members and the Superintendent reaffirm a no surprises way of doing business with each other subject to the limits set by the Ralph M. Brown Act.

6. Board Members and the Superintendent will encourage the expression of diverse opinions by individual Board Members giving full consideration to differing points of view.

7. Board Members will advise the Superintendent of complaints and concerns and will not act alone to resolve issues relative to the operation of the District and which should be handled by staff or by the Board as a whole.

8. Board Members and the Superintendent recognize that only the Board as a group sets policy for the District which the Superintendent and staff implement.

Reference: California School Boards Association (CSBA)Professional Gover-nance Standards

Adopted Amended
By board 11/28/95