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Frequently Asked Questions Milpitas Unified School District and City of Milpitas enter in to Agreement for New School Land Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Tentative Agreement Announcement

On September 17th a joint meeting between MUSD and Milpitas City officials was held to continue negotiations on the sale of the McCandless property. School Board President Grilli, Board Member Lau, Milpitas Mayor Esteves, and Vice-Mayor Polanski,  tentatively agreed to the sale of the 6.7 acre property for our 10th MUSD elementary school.  City Manager Williams and Superintendent Matsuoka will bring the tentative agreement forward to their respective Council and Board for final approval.  We are excited to announce that we will have the final approval completed by October 21, 2014.    

Where will the new school be located?

The school will be built on the south end of the McCandless property, and MUSD will see to purchase additional property in order to build the best design for the 800 students who will be attending the new school. 
Click here to see the August 26, 2014 New Elementary School Board Presentation:

McCandless Property with Adjacent Parcels

McCandless Property with Adjacent Parcels

Milpitas Transit Area Map

Milpitas Transit Area Map

New School Design Draft

New School Design Draft

What is the cost of the McCandless property and where is it located?

The City Council of Milpitas has proposed selling to Milpitas Unified School District 6.7 acres of its 11 acre parcel located on the 1700 block of McCandless Drive, which is in the new Transit area residential development.  The City plans to develop the remaining 4 acres of land for park use.  The District accepted the City's sales offer of $3.1 million per acre, which it has verified as a reasonable market price through an independent review process.



How quickly will the City Council and School Board close Escrow on land for the new school building?

The School Board and City Council are excited about working together in order to enter contract negotiations by mid-October.

What is CEQA and why does the District have to follow its guidelines before it can build a new school?

CEQA stands for the California Environmental Quality Act.  


The District must follow CEQA guidelines for three reasons:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of future students attending school at the proposed school site.
  • Involve the public in the evaluation process of a proposed school site.
  • Mitigate the potential impact on the environment.

Why does the CEQA process take 18-24 months?

There are many California state agencies with guidelines and procedures that must be followed in order for the District to receive approval for building a new school on a proposed land site. All public school districts must complete site evaluations ranging from traffic to environmental impact. Once these evaluations are completed, our construction documents must be approved by the Division of State Architect.



Public School Construction Process:

Why can't the District speed up the state approval process for construction by doing all of the studies at the same?

In addition to the evaluation studies of the land use impact on traffic, the environment, and public health, school construction must also comply with The Field Act.  'The Field Act imposes important requirements on California schools that are not present in other types of construction approval processes..." Click here for more information on these additional requirements for school construction:

What does the District and City mean when they talk about "joint-use land?"

MUSD plans to designate a portion of the proposed school property purchase for joint-use with the City, which plans to set aside park land adjacent to the school property so that together they can create areas for the students to use during school hours, and the neighbors to use after school hours.  Some suggestions for the joint-use area that community members shared with Superintendent Cary Matsuoka and City Manager Tom Williams recently were to create; soccer fields, basketball, tennis or volleyball courts, running track, playgrounds, and water or sand features. 

Share your suggestions here...