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Frequently Asked Questions

Milpitas Unified School District Bond Measure


Why does Milpitas Unified School District need a bond measure?

Students in Milpitas elementary, middle and high schools receive a quality education that prepares them to succeed in college and future careers. Many families choose to live in our community because of our outstanding local schools. Our classrooms, however, need basic school repairs and upgrades so students can continue to learn in a safe and modern environment. The Milpitas USD school board is considering placing a local bond measure on the ballot this June to renovate our local schools.


How will the local school bond measure support student achievement?

The measure will ensure students can continue to learn in safe and modern classrooms by:

· Replacing or repairing leaky roofs

· Upgrading fire and earthquake safety

· Keeping schools clean and well-maintained

· Preventing overcrowding by providing additional classrooms and facilities

· Updating learning technology and infrastructure

· Repairing and upgrading classrooms and science labs


Can the State fund the upgrades to our schools?

We unfortunately cannot rely on the State to provide the funding we need to renovate our local schools. Our schools need basic safety repairs, upgraded science labs and additional classrooms to prevent overcrowding and provide a safe learning environment. The only way to upgrade our schools is to pass a local school bond measure.


Will all funds benefit Milpitas Schools?

All funds generated by the local school bond measure will benefit Milpitas USD school facilities. None of the funds can be taken away by the State or go to other school districts.


How can I be sure that the funds will be spent appropriately?

All funds from the local school bond measure will be spent to improve facilities in our schools. None of the funds can be spent on administrators’ salaries. An independent citizens’ oversight committee, as well as annual audits and reports, will ensure the funds are spent on voter-approved projects. The measure will also qualify the school district for state matching funds, which can be used to improve classroom facilities.


What will happen if the bond measure doesn’t pass?

No other source of funding exists to make the necessary renovations and upgrades at our local schools. Without the bond measure, classrooms, science labs, and learning facilities cannot be upgraded or repaired, and critical upgrades to improve student access to learning technology cannot be made. To continue providing a high-quality education for local students and to prepare them for success in our high-tech, 21st century economy, this measure is necessary.


How much will the local bond measure cost?

Although the Board has not yet made a final decision, the bond measure will likely generate up to $95 million and cost property owners an average of $50 per $100,000 of assessed value every year. The cost is based on assessedvalue, rather than marketvalue of your home. The assessed value is based on the price of your home when it was first purchased.


Will this measure allow our schools to qualify for State matching funds?

Yes. If this measure passes, our schools will qualify for additional funding from the State. This funding is only available to our schools if we pass the local bond measure. These funds will allow us to maximize our bond funds and increase the repairs and upgrades to our local schools.


We have extensive facility needs in our district. Will this measure cover the full cost of all of our upgrades?

No. This is a conservative measure that will provide funding for the most urgent upgrades and repairs. This measure will help address our most immediate needs and ensure we can continue to provide a safe and quality education for our students.


When will I have the opportunity to vote on this measure?

The measure will likely appear on the June 5, 2012 ballot. All registered voters who live in the Milpitas Unified School District will be eligible to vote. To pass, the measure must be supported by 55% of those who vote.


How will the independent citizens’ oversight committee be formed?

By law, the oversight committee must be representative of the community and must include at least one individual from the business community, a senior organization, a taxpayer organization as well as a parent with children currently in the district. No employee or vendor of the district can be a member of the committee.


Is the District planning to build a new elementary school?

The District is considering a few options to prevent overcrowding and accommodate our growing student enrollment. The primary option is to build a new elementary school in South Milpitas, which would require securing a site for the new school. The District is currently discussing a possible site with the City of Milpitas. The alternative option is to expand the capacity of our existing elementary schools. The District will continue to evaluate our options to ensure all students in our schools have access to the safe and quality classroom facilities they need.


What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please contact Superintendent Cary Matsuoka at