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Does your child have starting school jitters? Do you?!

New experiences can be exciting, scary, unnerving and wonderful.  A great way to calm your child's anxieties  (and your's too!) is to read some books about starting school.  Click here to see a long list of books which can help ease your whole family's transition to school. Pick out a few titles every week and start preparing for the future!


Note:  The book list is divided up by age in years, starting with 1 year old through 6 years old and ending with a parent section.  Spanish titles are in red. SCCL after the title indicates that this book is available from the Santa Clara County Library System.  To find out more about their holdings, visit their website by clicking here.  Other titles may be available from online booksellers or other library systems.

Contact Information

Early Learning Transition Model Team

Ms. Kathleen Lincoln

Child Development Centers

Program Director, Retired


Ms. Toby S. Librande

Early Learning Transition Model

Grant Coordinator

408.635.2686 x5571


Ms. Linda Lambert

Milpitas Family Literacy Project

Program Coordinator, 2008-2016


Rose CDC

250A Roswell Drive

Milpitas, CA 95035


Sunnyhills CDC

356 Dixon Road

Milpitas, CA 95035

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Entering Pre-K

Let's Start Pre-Kindergarten!

Let's Start Pre-Kindergarten!

Agnitus Ignites Children’s Learning

As part of the technological infusion in the Milpitas Unified School District – the Child Development Centers are excited to be populating our classrooms with iPad minis—and Agnitus is firing up our kids to play to learn!  If you haven’t seen or heard of Agnitus – Games for Learning, read on to find out how this multi-faceted learning application is changing the way we look at games, skill development and assessment within the preschool setting.


Agnitus is a relatively new company that originally designed age appropriate touch screen games for use in the home.  They have recently adapted their software to be used in a classroom setting and we are pleased to be serving as one of the local guinea pigs! This year we have been acquiring iPad minis at a rapid rate and have been busily integrating them into our 21st century preschool curriculum.

photo (1) (400x400).jpg photo (2) (400x400).jpg photo (3) (399x400).jpg photo (3) (400x400).jpg photo (400x400).jpg photo (6) (399x400).jpg photo (5) (400x399).jpg photo (7) (400x400).jpg

Each day during our “transition time”, groups of children cycle through the classroom that is piloting the Agnitus early learning software on the iPad minis.  This regular iPad routine permits the children to learn and practice both iPad touch screen mechanics and age appropriate skills in math and language.  Furthermore, Agnitus is a 'smart' progression-based technology which adapts based upon the responses of the students—keeping the games fresh and relevant for each child.


Another wonderful component of the Agnitus platform is the assessment analytics.  Teachers can access skill data by child and by classroom.  We are currently learning how to combine this assessment data with that gathered by our traditional assessment method of observation.  Plus—Agnitus is learning from us!  They are studying our children and the classroom use of the application to inform their game and program upgrades.  A win-win!


Want to try Agnitus – Games for Learning at home or in your classroom?  They have a free download on iTunes – check out these features and try it today!



         16 curriculum based educational games for 2-5 years old 
         13 academic skills based on the Common Core State Standards 
        Parental and classroom report cards for individual skills

Growing and Learning in Preschool

Why does preschool matter?  And what does a quality preschool look like?  Watch this 6 minute video from the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) and find out!

Other Great Resources

Are you looking for some website resources to support your child?  Click here to access a list of great sites which address a number of topics of parenting and child development.

Early Learning Transition Model ~ Generously funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation 2012-2013

Google Translate!

Getting Ready for My Future

Milpitas Unified School District’s Child Development Centers

…preparing the healthy, happy, achieving students of tomorrow…

The Milpitas Unified School District is proud to offer subsidized and non-subsidized early education experiences for our youngest learners. Starting at three years of age, the two Child Development Center (CDC) sites - Sunnyhills and Rose - offer child centered, developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum which serves to ready children for their future formal education experiences.  Want to learn more about these programs?  Click here to visit the CDCs webpages.


Rose CDC is also home to our local HeadStart program.  “Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development.”  The Milpitas HeadStart site is managed by HeadStart of Santa Clara and San Benito counties.  For enrollment information and additional details, visit their website here.

Getting Ready for My Future

What Will My Child Do in Preschool?

Have lots of fun and engage in lots of learning!  Some schools offer full day preschool and some schools offer part-day preschool.  Take a look at these sample schedules to get an idea about the flow of the day.




8:15    Arrival Time


           Children Write Their Names

8:30    Free Play

           Children’s Choice

           Child Directed Activities

9:00    Circle Time



            Finger Plays



9:15    Work Time

           Table Time

           Small Group

           Teacher Directed Activities

9:35    Outdoor Play

10:00  Wash Hands


           Clean Up

10:30  Outdoor Play

10:45  Group Time


11:00  Departure

           Pick Up Time

11:15  Class Ends



8:00    Arrival


           Free Choice Inside

8:50    Clean up

9:00    Greeting


9:15    Small Group Time

           Arts and Crafts


           Choice of activity

10:00  Outside Play

10:30  Circle Time


           Flannel board




11:00  Outside Play

11:30  Lunch


12:00  Tooth Brushing

12:15  Nap Time

           Quiet Time

2:30    Folding Blankets

           Putting away Beds

2:45    Small Group Time

3:30    Circle Time

3:45    Clean Up

4:00    Outside Activities

5:00    Inside Learning Centers


♥ Thanks to Ms. Phan (Sunnyhills CDC Pre-K) for sharing her half day schedule and to Ms. Juta and Ms. Villalobos (Rose CDC FT #2 Pre-K) for sharing their full day schedule!