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For the love of reading

♡ For the Love of Reading ♡

 Do you and your child love to snuggle and read a good book?  Here are some handy tips brought to you by the Bring Me a Book Foundation that you can use this very day to promote quality book reading in your home!

Children's Progress Academic Assessment

Children’s Progress Academic Assessment

Children’s Progress Academic Assessment – or CPAA as we like to call it – is being used this year in both Rose and Sunnyhills Child Development Centers as well as in many of the Milpitas Unified School District’s elementary school primary classrooms.  This means your child might be in a class that provides this opportunity!  CPAA is a fun, child-centered computer program that invites your child to answer questions in the areas of math and literacy with a game-like approach.  When the program session is over, teachers can review the results in a variety of ways to see how your child is progressing in different areas of math and reading.


We are excited to be using this program across the Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade continuum.  When things really get rolling, we should be able to see how early introduction to the CPAA in the preschool setting will impact proficiency in the older grades.  If you have more questions about CPAA, visit their website by clicking here!  You may also ask your child’s teacher to see if CPAA will be a part of your child’s classroom curriculum this year.

Contact Information

Early Learning Transition Model Team

Ms. Kathleen Lincoln

Child Development Centers

Program Director, Retired


Ms. Toby S. Librande

Early Learning Transition Model

Grant Coordinator

408.635.2686 x5571


Ms. Linda Lambert

Milpitas Family Literacy Project

Program Coordinator, 2008-2016


Rose CDC

250A Roswell Drive

Milpitas, CA 95035


Sunnyhills CDC

356 Dixon Road

Milpitas, CA 95035

Families Locker

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Please Note: The information on this website is presented as a public service. MUSD does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by referenced sites or organizations and does not endorse their products or services.


Parents are the First Teachers

family (2) (400x400).jpg

This is an exciting time for your child and your family - moving up! from grade to grade in the early elementary years sets the stage for the lifelong learner your child will become.

The Gift of Dual Language

MP900422261 (400x400).jpg

Give your child the gift of speaking more than one language!  The verdict is in – multiple language fluency is a benefit for children and adults alike.  But how can you help your child best maintain home language fluency and become proficient at English as well?  Here are some excellent resources from our friends at Head Start that help answer this question and more.


The Importance of Home Language Series


In English


En Español


Fun Fact!  There are nearly 50 different languages and dialects spoken in the Milpitas Unified School District.

Technology ~ the New Frontier

Technology – the New Frontier

Facebook texting photo uploads Twitter

♣ online gaming apps YouTube

Wow!  There is so much out in the new technology frontier!  How is a parent supposed to navigate these new environments, much less guide their children?  Don’t fear – there are a number of helpful websites that demystify these topics and provide sound, practical advice for parents today…

♣  From our friends across the pond: UK Safer Internet Centre – this clear and comprehensive site offers a lot of good, common-sense advice for parents and carers, young peopleand teachers and professionals – including helpful tip sheets regarding Facebook, smart phones, online gaming, tablet computers, media players and so much more.  Check out a Parent’s Guide to Technology for some really useful ideas.

  From our friends here closer to home: Common Sense Media offers the modern parent a broad range of support, including articles and advice, suggested best learning products for kids, and super handy media rating and reviews, including: movies, games, apps, websites, TV, books and music!  Want to know if a particular game or app is age appropriate for your child?  Want to see if a current movie imparts good values and morals?  Visit Common Sense Media and find out!

 From our friends down the street:  Google’s Teach Parents Tech offers a bunch of mini-videos that explain in simple terms how to use some different Google tools and functions - such as how to share photos, how to make a blog, how to take a screenshot, how to translate text, how to share videos, and more.  If you can do these things then you can teach your children!

Want to learn more? hosts a wide variety of articles focused on Technology and Your Child.  Investigate further with topics such as:

Support for All Children

Parents:  Do you have a concern about your child’s development?  Does your child have an identified special need?  Are you looking for resources or help to support the inclusion of your child in educational or recreational settings?  Do you want to learn more about IFSPs or IEPs?

Help is available!  Here are some organizations located in Santa Clara County that are ready and willing to lend a helping hand~

Inclusion Collaborative

(408) 453-6756

The Inclusion Collaborative is your partner in providing inclusive environments for children. We are committed to ensuring that children with disabilities and special needs have equal access to full participation in inclusive community and learning environments. Services we provide:

  • Advocacy and Access
  • Inclusion Support
  • Professional Development
  • Screening and Assessment Consultation
  • Free Inclusion Support Warm Line (408) 453-6651
  • Comprehensive Website including upcoming professional development and useful resources at

Inclusion Support Warm Line

(408) 453-6651

Educators and parents can contact the Warm Line for free support, information, and referrals resources for including children with special needs or disabilities in schools and the community. Services we provide:

  • Referrals to local resources, agencies, and services
  • Information for educators beginning or implementing inclusion
  • Answers to parents’ questions regarding inclusion
  • Packets on inclusion topics
  • Suggestions and resource referrals regarding challenging behaviors
  • Comprehensive Website including upcoming professional development and useful resources at

Parents Helping Parents

(408) 727-5775

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) strives to improve the quality of life for any child with any special need of any age, through educating, supporting and training their primary caregivers.  This hub agency provides a wide range of services - such as phone referral assistance, special interest support groups, vast resource library, assistive technology equipment, classes, workshops, speakers, presentations, and so much more.  Visit their website at or call for more information.

♥  Click on the left hand sidebar for more resources  

Early Learning Transition Model ~ Generously funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation 2012-2013

Google Translate!

K & TK Registration Roundup

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

The time is now for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Registration 2013!  Want to know how to register your child for the Milpitas Unified School District?  Follow these easy steps!

1.     Check  your child’s birth date for program eligibility…

  • Is your child’s birth date on or before October 1st, 2008?  Then your child is Kindergarten age for school entry in August 2013.
  • Is your child’s birth date between October 2nd, 2008 and December 2nd, 2008?  Then your child is Transitional Kindergarten age for school entry in August 2013!
  • Is your child’s birth date after December 2nd, 2008?  Then your child gets to experience one more year of preschool before Kindergarten 2014!

2.     Find out which school is your resident/home school…

  • Check out the handy MUSD school finder here – type in your address to have your home school identified.

3.     Gather necessary documents…

  • Your ID (driver’s license, ID card)
  • Two proof of residency documents  (bring both a mortgage/rental statement and a utility bill)
  • One proof of student’s age (such as birth certificate, passport, immigration certificate)

4.     Pay a visit to your home school during office hours to show your documents and pick up a registration packet (for Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten)…

5.     Work on completing all of the paperwork – don’t forget that you will need these items for your child…

  • Immunization (shot) record
  • Health examination (on or after March 1, 2013)
  • Oral health assessment (dental)
  • TB test

6.     Bring your completed packet back to your home school office as soon as possible!  When you turn in your completed packet, your child is then assigned a registration number and is placed on the enrollment list.

7.     Done!

8.     Enjoy your spring and summer and make sure your child attends the first day of school on Monday, August 19th, 2013 – this is very important so that your child keeps his/her school enrollment status!

Want more information?  Check out the MUSD registration information page here.

Getting Ready for My Future

MP900402054 (2) (400x400).jpg

Milpitas Unified School District’s Child Development Centers

…preparing the healthy, happy, achieving students of tomorrow…

The Milpitas Unified School District is proud to offer subsidized and non-subsidized early education experiences for our youngest learners. Starting at three years of age, the two Child Development Center (CDC) sites - Sunnyhills and Rose - offer child centered, developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum which serves to ready children for their future formal education experiences.  Want to learn more about these programs?  Click here to visit the CDCs webpages.


Rose CDC is also home to our local HeadStart program.  “Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development.”  The Milpitas HeadStart site is managed by HeadStart of Santa Clara and San Benito counties.  For enrollment information and additional details, visit their website here.